19th Century Italian Music


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About 19th Century Italian Music

Stauffer Guitar Duo was founded in 2014 in order to explore the 19th
century repertoire for two guitars on replicas of instruments made
by Johann Georg Stauffer (1778-1853). Beside this main area of work
the duo has performed on modern guitars in various programmes of
Spanish and South American music and contemporary Scandinavian
music including works written for the duo. Based in the Faroe Islands
the Stauffer Guitar Duo has performed under the auspices of the
Faroese Radio, the Faroese Composer´s Society and made numerous
concerts all over the Faroe Islands including the Summartónar Festival
2015, 2016 and 2018. Stauffer Guitar Duo has also co-worked with
other musicians in concert projects such as “19th century Guitar Trios”
with Danish guitarist Jens Overbye (2017) and “Birds and Beasts” with
Faroese violinist Angelika Nielsen and American guitarist Christopher
Ladd (2018).

Recording venue: Bloch Studio
Producers: Ragnar Olsen and Bo Isholm
Sound engineer: Theodor Kapnas
CD mastering: Theodor Kapnas
Booklet text: Bo Isholm
Booklet design: Hannis Egholm
Photos: Leivur Thomsen
Cover art: Oil painting by Faroese artist Eivindur
Mohr. Title: Trastevere, Roma 1972
Special thanks to Nina Mohr for her kind
Released by TUTL
Released with support from Mentanargrunnur Landsins, Tórshavnar
Kommuna, Solistforeningen af 1921, Gramex Tónleikarar and Eysturkommuna.
Stauffer Guitar Duo website: www.staufferguitarduo.com
Ragnar Olsen and Bo Isholm play guitars made by Jan Tulacek 2014,



Gran Duetto per due chitarre
1 Moderato 7:58
2 Romance largo 3:46
3 Minuetto presto 2:57
4 Rondo allegretto 6:29

Trois Duos op. 4 no.1
5 Andantino 3:05
6 Rondo allegretto 4:23

Trois Duos op.4 no.2
7 Andante mosso 3:30
8 Rondo allegretto 3:58

Trois Duos op.4 no.3
9    Andantino 2:35
10  Polacca allegretto 4:07

Variazioni Concertanti op. 130
11 Introduzione maestoso 1:56
12 Tema 1:18
13 Variazione 1 1:09
14 Variazione 2 1:25
15 Variazione 3 1:17
16 Variazione 4 2:26
17 Variazione 5 1:06
18 Variazione 6 2:12

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